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Expert Help and Advice on all VAT Return Issues

If your business is VAT registered, you cannot afford to ignore your VAT obligations. Unfortunately VAT is a very complex area and the consequences for failing to file your VAT returns on time or submitting inaccurate information, are costly. So if VAT is causing you stress, don’t worry because Beech Business Services can help. We offer two different VAT services to businesses in the Bolton area.

VAT Advice

We can offer advice on all aspects of VAT, from whether your business needs to be registered for VAT. If it does, we will advise you on what the best VAT scheme for your business is. We can also help with implementing tax effective planning strategies and dealing with VAT inspections and disputes. Our highly experienced experts will look at your business and help you register for VAT (if appropriate), or suggest improvements to the VAT system you currently have in place.

Filing VAT Returns

Beech Business Services offer two main VAT services.

  • Option 1 – VAT is included in our bookkeeping service, so if we are maintaining your daily accounts, we can calculate the VAT and file returns on your behalf.
  • Option 2 – If you are in charge of the bookkeeping but need a little assistance with the VAT aspect, you can bring your books into our office and we will check your figures and then submit the VAT return on your behalf.

We can also check your bookkeeping system to ensure your employees are using the correct VAT rates when inputting financial data.

The Benefits of the Beech VAT Service

Our job is to ensure you are fully compliant with Her Majesty’s Custom & Excise. VAT mistakes are costly and if HMRC suspect that you are not meeting your VAT requirements, they are likely to subject you to repeated inspections, which will be stressful. Maintaining accurate records and filing correct VAT returns on time will help you avoid this and implementing a tax effective VAT strategy can save your business money.

Whatever your VAT requirements, give the team at Beech Business Services a call today to discuss how we can help your business file its VAT returns on time.

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Call 0800 195 1314 today for a no obligation review of our services.


"It gives me peace of mind knowing my VAT returns are being completed correctly"
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